Founded and managed by the artists for 60 years, the Adami collects and distributes royalties to actors, solo dancers, singers, solo musicians and orchestra conductors for the use of their recorded work. In 2013, it distributed 46,4 million of euros to more than 60 000 artists. It promotes renewal of talents and strengthens artistic employment by financially supporting creation, diffusion of live performance and professional training of artists. 


Website: http://www.adami.fr/

AISGE Foundation

AISGE Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded by AISGE in 2002 for the development, among other purposes, of activities designed to assist performers and promote their rights in the audiovisual sector. 


The AISGE Foundation operates primarily in two areas:

- Care Area: provides financial assistance and advice to performers in situation of economic, work or health need

- Promotional Area: organises and funds courses and master classes for performers, alone or in collaboration with other institutions; develops also outreach programs, research and exchange of knowledge about artistic profession and intellectual property rights, and encourages actions of institutional promotion 


Website: http://www.aisge.es/que-es-fundacion-aisge